Snub Nosed Breeds

Many airlines now unfortunately refuse to fly snub nosed breeds due to their difficulties in breathing and it is becoming more and more challenging relocating this breed.

There are a few airlines that will accept bookings for this breed so please just contact us and we will advise you of the best way to transport your snub nosed pets.


Qantas has made changes to its live animal transport policy, permitting the carriage of snub nose cats and dogs on Qantas flights.

Snub-nose cats (Himalayan and Persian) and dogs (British Bulldog, French Bulldog, Pug, Pekingese, Boston Terrier and Japanese Chin) were previously only permitted on domestic flights due to these breeds having a predisposition to breathing difficulties.

After a successful international trial Qantas has lifted the restriction and will now permit snub nose breeds on longer international flights providing the owner signs an indemnity form acknowledging that they understand and accept the risks of air travel for their pet.

Snub-nose breeds of cats and dogs are popular pets and Qantas receives many requests for transport, including on long flights. To ensure snub nosed pets travel safely, it is reccommended using a cage that is twice the minimum required size is used to make sure there is plenty of air circulation.