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Relocating your pet can be very stressful and needs a great deal of research and planning. By using Flypets we can take away the added stress from you, leaving you to concentrate on the rest of the move.

What we can do:

  • Provide a tailor-made quote which includes currently travel requirements and advice.
  • Book the most pet friendly route
  • Provide regular updates and information for your relocation
  • Home collection and destination delivery service
  • Long- or Short-term Boarding
  • Provide suitable plastic or custom built wooden flight crate for your pets
  • Complete Export Vet Paperwork


What does your pet travel in?

We can provide both plastic branded crates or build custom made to measure wooden crates which meet current airline regulations.

Once your pets measurements are provided to our pet travel consultant then we can calculate the perfect size crate for your pet to travel in which will ensure a safe and comfortable journey especially once we add the absorbent vet snuggle bedding.

If you already own a pet travel crate(s) then please be sure to inform us so we can quote accurately!

How to measure your dog.

How to measure your dog for transport GoFetch







For a more accurate quote please confirm your pet's measurements. When you are ready, get a quote from Flypets.

  • Length in cm = Nose to root of tail - tail excluded
  • Height in cm = Floor to top of head while standing
  • Width in cm = At the widest point

Cats do not need to be measured.