honey 2 

Honey is jetting of to LA, California for some warmer weather.

Honey is a quiet and happy miniature poodle who loves cuddles and snoozing on your lap.

Honey was happy to see he vet for her final physical check to make sure she is fit and healthy for the flight and signing off of the airline paperwork.

Honey’s flight was booked with American Airlines to LAX from Heathrow – she was met with our driver at AA pet facility reception at the airport by their staff where she waited in the peace and quiet before it was time to be taken over airside to the aircraft where she will be loaded into the livestock hold which is temperature controlled and pressurised like in the cabin. The pilot will be notified of Honey’s place on the flight as well as everything else on board – so everything can be electronically monitored from the cockpit.


Every one meet Marlow ?, he is a young and loving greyhound x deerhound puppy who was born in the UK and heading out by road to Arzier-Le Muids, Switzerland with Stuart.

Marlow was collected from the breeder they before setting off to Switzerland, spending the night in our boarding kennels with plenty of comfy bedding and heating on a cold December night.


Keith, George and Ringo had a fly in visit to our cattery, they spent the night with us after had collected them from their owners. They were heading off to Belfast by Air, with British Airways – departing out of Heathrow.                                                         

Vet checks and flight crates were provided with comfy and absorbent vet bedding to ensure a comfortable flight no matter how long or short it is.

All three of the cats took the transport and change of scenery in their stride, happy all to share the cattery pen all together and relax until it was time to head over to the airport. 


Daisy and Lilly were collected the same day as travel, with an evening departure with Emirates via Dubai – it is possible to collect and complete export vet paperwork all on the same day – which some owners prefer.

As you can see, they were very happy whilst with us and full of energy – not letting this new experience phase them.

The vets arrived at our boarding kennels and office to complete the DEFRA Export Health cert and treatments that lunch time – a full physical check up is complete to ensure both Daisy and Lily are fit and heathy to travel. The examination is simple and gentle – checking eyes, ears, heart – same when a general check at the vets. Daisy and Lily were happy to comply and gave the vet lots of slobbery kisses.


Here is Bane, reunited with his owners after clearing customs and document checks at Heathrow Animal Reception Centre.

Bane the flew over from Brisbane, Australia in October 2019. His owners had to fly ahead of Bane and had already returned to the UK. Bane waited in Australia with friends until his owners were for his arrival and his vaccinations met UK requirements.  We arranged his return on Qantas back to the UK.

Hannah, his owner, was beyond excited on the day of his arrival and sent us this lovely picture of them on their way home from the airport


The lovely Phoebe attached who is 15years old Tonkinese mix.

Phoebe was collected from her owners a few days before the flight and spent her time with us in our onsite cattery. We completed the DEFRA export health cert with our vet who came out to us to do the examination.

Phoebe flew on British Airways to Mexico City in November and took the whole process in her stride.

All went well on arrival with customs clearance and she is now settled into her new home in Mexico.


Heidi is a sweet natured girl, who preferred her own company so we ensure he was happy and relaxed during her stay – with plenty of treats and tummy tickles!

Heidi came to us a the day before her flight to Philadelphia, USA.

We pre-delivered her flight crate to her owners so that she had the chance to get used to being in and around it, it is always a good idea to crate train when possible. The aim is to reassure the flight crate is a safe place to be. This will minimize any stress on travel day.

The vet arrived to our boarding kennels later that day so that the ‘Fit to Fly’ can be completed – this is a physical check to ensure that all pets travelling on a flight are healthy enough to travel. All airlines require this.

RUBY 2  

Lovely Ruby, the cocker spaniel flew on Emirates to Dubai where she was met by our agent out there to assist with the import and delivery home.

Ruby’s owners were worried about Ruby’s travel and how she would cope so updates and pictures were sent to keep every one a relaxed as possible.

Ruby had lots of fun at the farm in our boarding kennels – making new friends with our regular boarder ‘Flo’.

The vet had been to complete the final Export Health Certificate for ‘’dogs to UAE’’ and Ruby was soon left to carrying  on playing and having plenty of walks in the paddock.

Ruby arrived safe and sound, soon forgetting she had been in transport – now enjoying the beaches of Dubai


Brandy the lovely Golden Retriever, was collected the day before heading off to the Netherlands by road.

Brandy was based local to the kennels so collected early morning as per owners request so they could head off for their flight.

Brandy spent the day and night with us at the farm with plenty of walks and enjoying the serenity of the farm.

Our driver collected Brandy early the next morning to head off to drive the Channel tunnel to cross.

Same day delivery was complete with owner updated on route with how Brandy was doing and expected arrival time.


Skylar is a lovely girl – people and dog orientated who loves fuss.

Skylar travelled to Singapore, she spent two nights with us so that we could complete the required health certs and treatments with our on site vet.

Charlotte, Skylar’s pet travel consultant arranged her flight, import permit and final export documents.

Quite a long flight to Asia, but she took it in her stride and was very happy to be reunited with her owners the other end.


Here we have the famously named ‘Mariah’ and ‘Whitney’, two French bulldog’s that travelled from London to San Francisco via Frankfurt, Germany.

troy flypets
Handsome Troy is an American Bulldog and we made special arrangements to 'Meet and Greet' at London Gatwick Airport prior to his flight with Air Transat to Toronto in September.
Troy needed to be loaded into his airline approved crate by his owner as he had issues with strangers as previously a Rescue dog.

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Tiger the 9 month old Bengal cat was full of energy but also loved cuddles and attention in our onsite cattery prior to flying direct out to Bangkok with Thai Airways.

Tiger was collected and vet appointment was completed to sign off the Export Health Certificate issued by APHA for 'Cats and Dogs to Thailand'- Tiger was physically checked over to make sure all was well and fit for flying.

IMG 3523
This is ‘Winter’ who Flypets previously exported out to Durban, South Africa.
Winter was set to head back to the UK to be reunited with his mum owner after spending some time in South Africa.


Luna the bichon fries headed off to Australia.

A flight via Dubai with Emirates and she was soon there safe and sound ready to complete her mandatory 10 days quarantine in Melbourne.

Luna was dropped to us in the morning, DEFRA Export Health Certificate completed by our vet and then checked in same day that afternoon after her afternoon walk! No hanging about for Luna!

flypets dog2Here we have ‘Picus’, a very happy Staffordshire Bull Terrier – obviously knows exactly how to pose for a photo!

In mid-October, our pet travel consultant Natasha helped organise getting ‘Picus’ to Los Angles, California.

After speaking with Picus’s human parents about what service they required, Natasha was able to book a flight with American Airlines to LAX airport – a perfect size crate was provided with snuggly bedding and of course his blanket from home that smells familiar!

flypets cat image

Archie the cat was destined for Saudi Arabia but since there are quite a few import requirements and important documents to obtain for such a move – Archie spent two months with us in our onsite cattery.

Archie, a Maine coon cat, was a very relaxed resident on the farm – vocal at feeding times and super cuddly after with the staff looking at him at Flypets.

At only 6 months old, Archie easily adjusted to being in the cattery and took everything in his stride – his time in the cattery flew by.

flypets dog image

Here is ‘Jumble’, a sweet but little shy dachshund who is heading off to the Sri Lanka – The Pearl of the Ocean famous for its beautiful beaches, amazing wildlife and famous tea plantations.

Jumble’s vaccinations and export paperwork were all in place ready for export so a direct flight with Sri Lankan Airlines was booked to the port city of Colombo.

An evening flight meant that we could accommodate a morning home collection, a lunch time vet appointment to complete all necessary export vet paperwork and a relaxed afternoon at the office before having to head over to the airport.