Heidi is a sweet natured girl, who preferred her own company so we ensure he was happy and relaxed during her stay – with plenty of treats and tummy tickles!

Heidi came to us a the day before her flight to Philadelphia, USA.

We pre-delivered her flight crate to her owners so that she had the chance to get used to being in and around it, it is always a good idea to crate train when possible. The aim is to reassure the flight crate is a safe place to be. This will minimize any stress on travel day.

The vet arrived to our boarding kennels later that day so that the ‘Fit to Fly’ can be completed – this is a physical check to ensure that all pets travelling on a flight are healthy enough to travel. All airlines require this.

The morning of the flight, Heidi skips breakfast just to ensure no upset tummy during travel – a pre flight walk in our large paddocks means plenty of time for toilet and exercise before check in time.

Once it was time to head to the airport, Heidi jumped in her travel cate with her bedding from home – and quick drive over to Heathrow she was soon checked in at British Airways Cargo where she would wait to be taken over to the aircraft for departure.

Just over 8 hours flight, and she had touched down on the run way. 

Live animals are the last to be loaded and first to be off loaded  - she was greeted by the handling staff at PHL whilst waiting for her owners to complete customs clearance. Once the paperwork process was complete she was happily reunited with her owners and set off for a new adventure ?