FlyPets receive loads of great feedback from happy customers who fly their pets abroad with us. We love hearing back from owners after their cat, dog or family pet arrive safely after their big journey!

Here are just some of our Pet Postcards from happy pet shipping customers who flew their pets abroad with FlyPets!

chelios edit1

"Taking the cats abroad was a huge decision as they are both quite skittish and I honestly did not think they would make good travel candidates. I did my research and liked the feel of FlyPets who seemed more concerned with the animals wellbeing than some of their competitors. Everything went absolutely smoothly and the constant communication, reassurance and general helpfulness from start to finish was outstanding. The cats were not in the slightest way traumatised by their very long journey and are already ruling the roost in their new home. Thank you Flypets for sorting everything with my kitty cargo."
Chelios & Merlin - Durban, South Africa




"Just a quick email to say thank you very much for your assistance with getting Dougie to Halifax, Nova Scotia. He arrived safe and sound and is very happy in his new surroundings. The crate you made was fantastic and he looked very comfortable when we picked him up. We would definitely recommend FlyPets and would not hesitate to use you in the future."
Dougie – Halifax, Canada


starkobistorm"We all just wanted to check in with you and let you know that everyone happy, healthy and well in California.The dogs are very well and deliriously happy...they LOVE the heat. We're into the low 80s farenheit some days now, and it's just going to get warmer. Anyway, we've talked about writing to you, just to give you a pic of the pups and thank you once again for the amazing help you gave us to get them here. Storm, the pup, is 10 months old now and SUCH a loving, beautiful boy. In the photo, he's sitting.  So thank you again Sophie. I don't quite know what how we would have managed those last weeks without your help. Having Kobi and Star sent along during those last days was a blessing. All the dogs arrived so balanced and calm. We're confident that they had very good experiences on the trip, and that's down to you and all you do."
Star, Kobi, Storm – California


 Bell"Bell is doing fine after her epic journey, I have to say I think I was fretting more than her. The girl at Sydney was great I spoke to her everyday, the problem was, Bella spent quite a lot of her day on her own during her time in quarantine, so reverted back to her old tricks, once we came up with a game plan, she was fine. They made sure is got a little extra one on one, this seems to solve the problem. I have to tell you Sophie, you would never believe we were apart for so long or that Bella isn't an Aussie!!  she has taken to her new surroundings without any issues, she come out with us all the time, she love the sunshine, sunbathes pretty much all day if you let her, she has a new friend called Ruthus, a big boxer, she's just very contented. I just want to finish up by saying a massive thank you to you all at Fly Pets, you have been brilliant!!"
Bella – Sydney, Australia



"I just want to thank you both for talking care of the awesome foursome’s return to South Africa.  They travelled well and are happy to be back were they grew up. Their two old pals who stayed behind when we moved to the IOM were not that impressed but all is back to normal. Thank you once again for the smooth arrangements to make their return possible."
Chad, Fudge, Jodi, Percy – Durban, South Africa        




"I had to write to thank you so much for all of your help, we have exported many dogs, but I have to say I would only be using your company again. I felt your service was exceptional, I have already recommended you to friends of mine that export dogs, I have told them that you have gone above and beyond the call of duty. The care you gave to our puppy who was very difficult to say the least was amazing. Also the facilities you have are very good as  you were more than happy to show one of my staff  around when she dropped off the puppy. Thank you again and I will be in touch next time we are exporting."
Sara – Kuwait



"Thank you so much for getting teddy to us in Hong Kong. Natasha thanks for everything you have helped with. I was so worried about him flying but every time I spoke to you I felt better. He is settling in nicely to his new home and has met some new doggy friends already."
Teddy – Hong Kong





"Thank you so much for all your help. Barney has arrived safe and sound and enjoying Australia. Glad to have him back. Sophie was just fantastic at helping me, thanks again."
Barney – Sydney, Australia


bella2 "Thank you Sophie and the crew at Flypets for all your help with Bella we wouldn't have been able to do it without you. Bella arrived to New Zealand safely just in time for Xmas with not a worry in the world. I was worried about her flying that distance but you guys have done a wonderful job at making sure everything runs smoothly. Here is a picture of Bella settling in with Lotte they are great mates."
Bella – Christchurch, New Zealand





"Frodo is home - our Precious!!! Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that we have had Frodo home with us now for a month and he is none the worse for wear after his long flight to NZ and is now enjoying being a kiwi-dog. He has settled in very well and my parents are enjoying his antics. We are so pleased to have him here with us. Thank you so much for taking us step by step through the process and being so calm over the phone with the frantic last minute hiccup with his blood test results. You guys were so awesome -  thanks!!!"
Frodo – Christchurch, New Zealand