Here we have the famously named ‘Mariah’ and ‘Whitney’, two French bulldog’s that travelled from London to San Francisco via Frankfurt, Germany.

 Due to the breed being known for their ‘snub-nosed’ appearance there are limited airlines that can accommodate them.

Lufthansa, a reputable airline, allow this breed to travel on their flights as long a they meet certain airline restrictions implemented for the safety and welfare of these dogs.

These sweet girls, were collected from the owners address, taken straight to our local vets for their Veterinary fit to fly certificate, and once we had the all clear, they were checked in safe and Sound.

This in-separable pair, landed in Frankfurt where our local agent assisted with their importation and delivered them to where their owners were staying for the night, in a doggy friendly hotel! These girls, had a night of comfort, cuddles and plenty of fuss before our agent collected them the following morning ready for the second leg of their journey.

Once checked in, they were monitored by the staff at Frankfurt airport before departing to their final destination, San Francisco!

Once the girls landed, they were cleared through customs by their owners, paid the import handling fee and off they went exploring their new home!