Luna the bichon fries headed off to Australia.

A flight via Dubai with Emirates and she was soon there safe and sound ready to complete her mandatory 10 days quarantine in Melbourne.

Luna was dropped to us in the morning, DEFRA Export Health Certificate completed by our vet and then checked in same day that afternoon after her afternoon walk! No hanging about for Luna!

There is a lot to prepare for prior to travelling to Australia for pets with the vets so our pet travel expert, Charlotte, provides a guide sheet and time line to the owner and their vet for the whole process.

Both dogs and cats require a rabies vaccine and a rabies blood test (RNATT) prior to travelling – the whole process takes at least 7 months inc vaccines, parasite treatments and obtaining that Australian pet import permit.

Once Luna has completed her 10 days at Mickleham Post Entry Quarantine in Melbourne – she is free to go explore the wonders of Oz with her family – Lucky girl!