Every one meet Marlow ?, he is a young and loving greyhound x deerhound puppy who was born in the UK and heading out by road to Arzier-Le Muids, Switzerland with Stuart.

Marlow was collected from the breeder they before setting off to Switzerland, spending the night in our boarding kennels with plenty of comfy bedding and heating on a cold December night.

Marlow has a valid pet passport for travel as well as TRACES completed as this would be a commercial move as heading to new owners.

Marlow and Stuart made an early start and headed towards the tunnel to cross over to Calais.

Arzier Switzerland, not far from Geneva and the French border is a quick turn around – plenty of comfort stops on the way for Marlow and Stuart as well as some pretty scenery along the way.

Marlow was soon with his new owners and in his new home.


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