Daisy and Lilly were collected the same day as travel, with an evening departure with Emirates via Dubai – it is possible to collect and complete export vet paperwork all on the same day – which some owners prefer.

As you can see, they were very happy whilst with us and full of energy – not letting this new experience phase them.

The vets arrived at our boarding kennels and office to complete the DEFRA Export Health cert and treatments that lunch time – a full physical check up is complete to ensure both Daisy and Lily are fit and heathy to travel. The examination is simple and gentle – checking eyes, ears, heart – same when a general check at the vets. Daisy and Lily were happy to comply and gave the vet lots of slobbery kisses.

The dogs at the boarding kennels go for walks three times a day, rain or shine. Luckily the sun was shinning and Daisy and Lily had plenty of time in the paddock to burn off some energy before their night time flight.

Their flight crates were ready loaded ready on our vans, with their favourite blankets ready for when it was time to head over to the airport.

After a pre flight walk, the girls are loaded up into their flight crates and are taken over to the airport – only 20 mins drive before they are at check in.

Daisy and Lily are quickly off loaded into Emirates animal waiting area as our driver Georgia waves them.

As they are travelling to Australia, all pets must complete 10 days Quarantine in Melbourne, but once that’s done they are free to start their new adventure in Australia!