Your Pet's Journey

It's natural to have concerns about flying your pet abroad, particularly if it's your first time moving to a new country. We've pulled together a selection of some of the most common questions customers ask us about their pet's journey below.

If you have anything that isn't addressed here please feel free to contact us, we are always happy to advise.

Will my pet be stressed?

Your pet will be transported with the minimum amount of stress. We use the most direct route available which limits the length of time your pet is in the air kennel for and away from the family.

Will my pets be sedated before travel?

Most veterinary surgeons and airlines strongly discourage sedating pets during flights. Adverse drug reactions and breathing difficulties may occur during the change in air pressure. Some airlines may even refuse to carry sedated pets as they cannot detect their state of health.

Where will my pet travel in the aircraft?

All pets are placed in a special hold in the aircraft which is situated below the passenger cabin. They will travel in the livestock hold which is temperature controlled and pressurised.

Is there access to my pets during the flight?

Neither passengers nor crew have access to the cargo hold during the flight. Pets are checked during any refuelling stops.

Will my pet need feeding during the flight?

Pets are not fed immediately prior to travel or during the flight. This is to avoid them soiling their air kennels and travelling in discomfort. All air kennels have water containers fitted and these are filled prior to departure and on refuelling stops.

Will my pet have enough room?

Yes, the air kennels have to be large enough for your pet to stand up, lie down and turn around comfortably. An air kennel that is too small or too big can be dangerous for your pet.

Can we put toys in the box?

Unfortunately the airlines do not allow toys inside with the pets as there may be a possibility that they could cause choking if swallowed. Collars and leads must also be removed before travel. These can be put on the outside of the kennel if required. To help remind your pets of home we recommend using some bedding the pets are familiar with or even an item of clothing which you have worn.

Does air travel affect pets?

For a pet that has never travelled by air before the whole experience is quite an odd one but most take the whole experience in their stride! Take a look at some of FlyPets' Pet Postcards to see how well our customers' family pets settle into their new life after flying.

The only thing that does seem to affect pets after flying abroad is the time difference, and we often hear of dogs wanting to go for walks at very odd times of the day! Jet lag seems to affect our pets the same as it does us humans!

What if I don’t travel with my Pet?

It is not unusual for our customers to travel separately to their pet's flight abroad. Using a pet travel service such as FlyPets means that you’ll have the reassurance that your pet is cared for throughout its journey, even if you can’t travel too.

If you do not travel with your pet then you must be at the destination airport waiting to collect your pet and clear them through customs. This whole procedure can take anywhere from 1-4 hours. You may also nominate a friend or family member or agent to do this on your behalf.. The contact details of this person/s must be given to FlyPets in advance as the details have to be included on your pet's flight documents.

Original vaccination cards and/or pet passports sometimes have to accompany your pets on their flights ready for inspection on arrival. Sometimes a copy is all that is needed so you can keep the originals with you. FlyPets will advise on what is needed depending on the destination your pet is flying to.