When preparing to fly your pet abroad it's important to be aware of the paperwork that is required. FlyPets are always happy to guide your customers through the paperwork process, but we've assembled for a few answers to common questions we often get asked.

How much notice is required?

We require as much notice as possible. Some countries we can arrange the move within 10 days, for others we require around 30 days notice or even longer if you are moving to Australia or New Zealand for example.

What forms or paperwork are required when flying pets abroad?

Depending on the country your pet travels to dictates the types of paperwork required.

Flying your pet to the USA requires a ‘Fit to Travel’ health certificate issued by your vet or FlyPets vet within 7 days of travel.

If arranging pet flights to Europe you need a ‘Fit to Travel’ health certificate along with a rabies vaccination and a flea & worm treatment.

To travel to Singapore, Dubai or Hong Kong a DEFRA export health certificate has to be applied for more than 10 days prior to your pet's travel date. This must be signed within a specific time advised on the certificate. Certain vaccinations will also apply depending on the country your pet is travelling to. An import permit is also required from the country of destination.

Other destinations such as South Africa, Australia & New Zealand require all the above documentation, along with a series of blood tests within a certain time frame prior to the date of your pet's flight. Quarantine rules also apply for all pets flying to New Zealand and Australia. All countries have different entry requirements and it is of upmost importance that these requirements are met.

Who completes the forms?

All ‘Fit to Travel’ certificates or DEFRA certificates have to be completed by a certified vet prior to travel. FlyPets are happy to assist in the application for the DEFRA certificates, but it is also possible to apply for them yourself. The application for the import permits can be applied for by yourself or a pet shipping agent like FlyPets.